I just finished shooting the feature film,

‘Brilliant Mistakes’,

in the juicy supporting role of Sandra!


Past Reviews  ...

“Aria McKenna is excellent as Jo, the writer.  Ms McKenna, who impressed me ... in ‘Search for Signs of Intelligent life in the Universe’ is equally impressive in this role.”

                                        - First Coast Entertainer

“In one early scene, we see Laura visibly shrink into an upholstered chair.  This outstanding body language by McKenna focused on the reclusive personality of Laura”

                                                                            - The Islander

“Aria McKenna wears the pain of Laura Wingfield on her face.  Her haunting eyes reveal as much about her character as her quiet tones and shuffling gait.  Laura is a tragic figure who yearns for her one moment in the sun, only to have it painfully plucked away from her by Jim’s revelation.”


“Betty -- Well, Aria McKenna as the lovely and relatively sane title Character - is most engaging and screams beautifully.  (Trust me, passing out and screaming on stage are not as easy as they appear)”

                            -The Key West Citizen

“ Aria McKenna gives a touching, delicate performance as Laura.  The actress seems to shrink inside herself, brightening only in exchanges with her brother and during her briefly hopeful encounter with the gentleman caller.”

“Aria McKenna as Laura, does an excellent job of portraying the introverted young woman with a limp and an abnormal fixation with her glass animals.  Her dreamy  interludes were moving.”

                                                                        - The Ft Myers Beach Observer

“This portrayal of Jo, which gets under our skin and into our hearts, is the result of a superb performance by McKenna”

              -The Ponte Vedra Recorder

“The very versatile Aria McKenna (as) Tina the prostitute makes her entrance, and if it were not for the program, you would never realize it is .. Chrissy in an entirely different role.”

                                            -First Coast Entertainer

“Aria McKenna as Doris is wonderful.  Her metamorphosis from a naive young woman to an assured and independent adult is interesting.  By the end of the play, her character has experienced the spectrum of the American woman - motherhood, liberation, career, and all.”                          

                                                                                            -The Ponte Vedra Recorder

“Aria McKenna easily commands the attention of the audience, as Portia, honorable wife of Brutus.”

                                - The Record

Aria McKenna beautifully oozes lust as Myrtle Mae.”

                                                                                    -The Ft. Myers Beach Observer

“ Aria McKenna as the minister’s daughter, Rachel adds energy, sparkle, and emotion to the production.”

                                    - Islander

“Aria McKenna is admirable as the reverend’s daughter, Rachel”

               -The Observer

“Aria McKenna is equally as good as Doris.  I have been a fan of Ms. McKenna as I have seen her in two other plays.  She was also outstanding in ‘The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe’, and as Jo in ‘Little Women’.” 

                                                    -The First Coast Entertainer

“ So happy you joined us.  Excellent work - You are a pleasure!  Here’s to many more.”

      -Joy Hawkins - Artistic Director Red Barn Theatre


Aria McKenna captivates”  

-Hot Spot Magazine

Aria McKenna, Kelly Rowan, and Paul Rudd bounce the proverbial ball back and forth, giving excellent rapport and understanding to their characters.


-Tolucan Canyon Crier

Aria McKenna as Claire Clairmount  .. is so compelling.